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Bye Bye :(

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This is sadly our final post of the summer.  Shelby and Kelly will be splitting up for us to go back to our respective colleges.  In our last message to you all, we figured we would revisit our intentions for this summer.  Originally we planned to:

  1. Find 750 new leads for Blue Corona and send them all contact cards—We did it! and many, many, many more!!!!
  2. Make 16 Competitive Analysis Reports of industries that could benefit from online marketing, analytics, and optimization (leave us a comment or email us if you want to be one of the industries or companies studied!)—As with all plans, sometimes things change.  We worked on other projects after Ben and we decided our work would be best utilized elsewhere.
  3. Update this blog at least 3 times a week—If you regularly followed us, you’d know we did this one!
  4. Tweet once a day (Follow us at BlueCoronaKandS)–let us know if you have a cool twitter that you think we could benefit from following–Tweet tweet! We may not have tweeted once every day but we definitely did almost every single day—and we expanded our followers greatly.
  5. Add a video produced by us biweekly emphasizing the importance of internet and online marketing knowledge–whoops…this goal we really failed on…but Seth Godin taught us that some failure in life is a good thing (see our prior posts for explanation).

Overall, we loved sharing our thoughts and work with you all summer long.  We had an amazing internship experience at Blue Corona and learned a ton of new skills!  It’s sad for us to see the summer gone but we are looking forward to heading back to the classroom in the fall.  Thanks for sharing our summer experience with us!!


Think Tank Fascination

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Today at lunch, we decided that we want to be a part of a think tank.  After doing a little research, we discovered that there are approximately 5500 think tanks worldwide with about 1800 in the United States.  350 of them are located in DC alone!  Think tanks shape US foreign and domestic policy as well as figure out how to solve a variety of other issues.  The only problem is that the funding for think tanks can cause the decisions they make to be biased.

How does one join a think tank? What qualifies you to be a member?

Blogging: A Learning Experience

In Uncategorized on July 28, 2010 at 9:13 pm

In our final week of blogging together (sad we know), the two of us have come to reflect on what we have learned from blogging.  As pretty harsh critics of the blogging world originally, we have come to LOVE blogs and blogging and the ability to reach people all over the world.  We’ve even customized our Google homepages with multiple blogs that we enjoy most and checking these particular blogs has become a favorite part of our day.   Blogging has also improved our writing skills and challenging us to think more critically about issues that we want to present to our readers.

At the end of the summer, we will each move on separately from this blog but will continue to blog on two separate ones! Our summer of blogging inspired us to continue to reach out through blogs and hopefully we will be able to continue to blog all year long.  Once we have built up some posts, we will post the links to our new blogs on here so you can continue to follow us if you so please.

The art of networking

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This summer and today, we think we have finally come to understand the art of networking.  Today’s marketing and business world is in the midst of a revolution of communication.  In order to sell a product, further an idea, or start your own company, you need to have a tribe of support behind you.  At Seth Godin’s speech, we heard about meeting others without any expectation of getting something in return.  In simple turns, this refers to the juxtaposition between gifts and favors.  Gifts are something that you bestow upon someone without expecting anything in return.  A favor is something that you do for someone with the unspoken knowledge that they will return with an equal help to you.  Favors, however, don’t form connections between people; connections are formed through gifts.

You network when you meet people and connect to people you don’t expect anything from.  We could not have had a more clear example of this than our ride back from the Warner Theatre on the Metro.  We were casually chatting about life with a fellow Metro rider when the Metro malfunctioned and everyone had to exit.  A casual discussion turned into a two hour lunch with a complete stranger.  We never ever actually discussed what any of us did in the business world or how we could benefit from each other but instead spoke only of our personal lives and interests.  Lunch wasn’t a favor; it was a gift and we know we formed a connection with a very pleasant new friend.  Read the rest of this entry »

Prepare to fail

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Today was our exciting adventure to Seth Godin: Live in DC!  If possible, we have fallen even more in love with Seth’s simple ideas.  While he discussed many of his philosophies, one that particularly stuck out to us was about the lizard brain.  Basically, having a lizard brain is a condition of your brain always reminding you that you could fail.  But, as Seth says, why is failure so bad? He reminds us that every single time you take a chance, you are virtually flipping a coin to see if you succeed or fail.  If you never flip the coin, you’ll never fail…..but you will also never achieve success.  The issue is that most people are too afraid of failure to ever take the chance.

We as people are programmed from the beginning of our education to avoid failure in every way possible and comply with what we are told.  Take the game of CandyLand for example.  The ONLY directions of the game are to flip a card and do as you are told.  The world never progresses if everyone keeps doing what they are told and never take a chance to fail. Read the rest of this entry »

Seth tomorrow!!!

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We’ll be writing about our Seth Godin experience tomorrow! Let us know if you are going too!

Top Secret America

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Today, the Washington Post released a project that Dana Priest and William Arkin have been working on for nearly two years.  Since Sept. 11, 2001, the government has allowed mass spending and expansion on Top Secret America, the network of agencies working to keep our country safe.  Priest and Arkin argue that Top Secret America has expanded out of control with over 850,000 US citizens receiving top secret government clearance and operating out of 1300 different facilities.

While this really has nothing to do with our current internship, it’s a topic we chose to write about because of its importance to everyone universally.  The trailer looks really compelling and the full documentary is expected to air sometime in October.  For now, you can follow Top Secret America on Twitter and check for updates in the Post.  So far we’ve seen nothing but good reviews.

Information Overload

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In anticipation of our day with Seth Godin next week, we have been reading Seth’s blog faithfully.  Today, Seth wrote about information about information.  His main point of his post is that there is so much information out there and people can capitalize on sorting, comparing, updating, and presenting it.  The owners of Facebook made billions by doing just that with people’s personal information.  Read the rest of this entry »


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We have written about Seth Godin in our blog posts several times and earlier this week, we found out some exciting information! Seth is coming to DC to speak on July 22nd.  After some banking woes, we managed to get tickets for next week and are seeing a half day of Seth! We are VERY excited and can’t wait to update you once we see him in person! We’re also attending a pre-Seth show mixer on Wednesday night with other big fans. Let us know if you are going too!

Texts from last night- (215): after watching ten minutes of “the decision,” I conclude that King Lebron has more influence on America than Barak Obama. I love our countries values.

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Yesterday’s blog post and the whole Lebron James drama really got us thinking about how much news of real importance people are actually getting.  It seems like all week all the twitters, blogs, and even online newspapers have been covering the Lebron story religiously but is this what people really need to hear? We uncovered some hysterical videos and shocking statistics that we would love to share with you:

CNN Stupid American Video 1 and Video 3

BarackObama twitter followers- 4,506,700

Britney Spears twitter followers- 5,301,806

Ashton Kutcher twitter followers- 5,222,564 Read the rest of this entry »